Wednesday, September 28, 2011

mabon week

no trespassing

izzy in fall... or just fizzy


guardian ad litem


second harvest

do I have a dog on my head?

Earl and his dark twin, the pig tail remover

black copper maran cockerel


silver indian runner duck


pear harvest - shaking the tree

smurf, hula, happy - white indian runner ducks

the boys, crick and squint


fall duck flock

alejandro and lady gaga

equinox walk


best buddies

let's have a pool party!

dude, I thought that was what we were doing

baby sly - half jumbo pekin, half runner-- with his indian runner girlfriend

scaredy ducks
you have to get through me to get to her
ye-ah, never mind

adopted chicken grows tufts!

the end



  1. Lovely. You've got a great bunch of critters there. It makes my 3 hens seem rather paltry (or even poultry).

  2. :-) from ear to ear. I laughed out loud with the pool party. Love love love your pics. Your leaves are just starting to change :-) So pretty. So magical. Such peace.
    How does Izzy know who belongs and who does not? Clearly she just knows and knows how important she is :-)

  3. Linda, she just knows. I am just letting out my younger chickens out of the nursery in the barn, and she chases them. Like, you don't belong. I tell her to stop, and she does. She is learning. Soon she will know chickens and ducks belong, but hawks and owls do not. If I am not outside and somebody comes, she gives warning barks, if I am out there and she sees it is ok, she is a cuddly carefree pup. I am so fortunate to have her. She came from a good loving home, so training her has been a breeze. BTW, I like to hear you smiling. :D

    Cro, I also have more poultry poo. There is a flip-side to everything. :-)

  4. Such a great set of pics, Crow. Quite a menagerie you've got there.

    Nice to see your copper black rooster.

  5. Great photos. I loved them all, especially 'balance' and 'the end'. You can really tell that you love your many creatures.
    Much love

  6. Loved all the pictures, they kept me smiling :)
    You have a lot of mouths to feed, I can only imagine the daily chores to kkep everyone healthy and happy.
    You are a dedicated animal lover and it shows.

  7. it is so weird but all of these photos could have been taken on my field!!!!

    how weird is that

  8. <3 this!!! i am headed to bed, but can't wait to read all through this blog in the next few days!


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