Monday, September 26, 2011

evening activities


tonka and izzy



  1. A bit like my Monty and his mate Bok. They just play like that all day long!

  2. They look like they are having so much fun. Our dogs play too, running like 90 miles an hour around the yard.

  3. Izzy looks . . huge! Is it just lack of perspective or is she really that big? Beautiful regardless. I want to get my arms around that beauiful girl and bury my face in her neck :-) As with your last post I am in awe of your place and your role there. It's interesting to watch the changes thru the seasons
    Oh. And I love your photo! Indeed we could be sisters :-)
    xo linda

  4. I have only ever seen my pooch Faith 'play' with another doggy once. Mostly she takes after her Dad and just growls at people...

    ...looks like they are great pals.

  5. Linda, Yes. She is huge and she is not even a year old yet. :-) Oh and I am getting glasses this week. Bifocals.

    Cro, Kat, and Chris- dogs are the best. They are definitely man's/woman's best friend. Tonka and Izzy are the very best pals. Izzy is the new girl here, and Tonka took a liking to after he got over his fear of her!

  6. I love ot look at Izzy when she's working!!! THe breed is wonderful...:)JP

  7. it's good to see them enjoying each other's company, Izzy really has settled in nicely.
    She;s a dedicated girl when it comes down to working....


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