Thursday, August 25, 2011

happy hour

As Rusty arrived home from work tonight, and she spotted him.

I was saying welcome home, now smile!

Rusty said, "I brought some nice dark rum home for you... Go get a glass and a RC Cola and join me for a drink." So I did. I also grabbed a bottle opener too, for the beer.

Because she loves beer.

She love, love, loves it.

Deer loves beer.

But she also loves...

the cardboard.

Now if she only liked to eat glass, she would be a complete recycling center.

Our pet goat does not drink and drive and is of a legal drinking age,.


  1. I think she should meet our Lab'.... he eats anything too.

  2. :-)
    too cute. Is that Izzy smiling?

  3. What an excellent advert for the beer!

    Great set of pics lol.

  4. That's adorable! Does she really eat the cardboard? Hope you enjoyed your beverage too!...:)JP

  5. LOL! I did a post a while ago about the mayor of this little town on the Mexican border of Texas called Lajitas - we went there on our honeymoon and the mayor of the town was a goat that drank beer. No lie! But he only liked Lone Star beer, lol!

  6. Goats are very popular in commercials these days..maybe she has a future in beer commercials?!?!

  7. I knew a dog that loved carrots! And my goat Gold, LOVES mountain dew.

  8. Aww, she's such a love.
    My uncle once owned a goat that ate a roll of roofing felt, she had a belly that looked like it was forever with kid...


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