Monday, August 22, 2011

guardian angel

Sunset came fast tonight. I thought I would capture some photos, of my new dog Izzy, the Great Pyrenees.

After a day of learning about me and all the inhabitants here at the farm, we took some time to just hang out. Izzy is a gentle giant and loves all the little creatures of the farm. Even the cats.

After awhile. Izzy went back to work. Then something quite remarkable happened...

I will leave it at that.



  1. That is awesome, Izzy knows already what she is there for!...:)JP

  2. Look at all the white spots in the photos around Izzy!! Odin maybe!

    Nicky. x

  3. I just want to wrap you all up in a giant collective hug - goats, chickens and all. A special hug and kiss this morning to Izzy. Love ya girl.

  4. Isn't she just the best !
    Worth her weight in gold.....


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