Sunday, June 12, 2011


Somebody new here laid an egg. I found an extra today. I am so excited. The great mystery hunt begins! She laid it down by the duck swimming pool. She is part of the President Day chicken group. Those chicks were my first hatch ever, inside my birthday gift, the incubator. Now, in the coming months, one by one I will find a new count of eggs.

It may sound silly or boring to those who may not have an interest in farming or have farmed so long the joy of your hens laying their first eggs is way past. I get that. But to those of us who care for our animals and see the next generation into this world, it is quite amazing to witness. I am a farmer lady! 

This was my facebook status today (for those of you who aren't connected to me there.)

Did some heavy house cleaning today. ::cheers, balloons, parade::   I would rather be in the garden or doing outside stuff. I like the stereotypical "men's work" better than the stereotypical "woman's work." It feels to me like I did something of value when I do outside stuff. hmm... value and worth issues.

So washing dishes for the umptee-umphth time really gives me no sense of "Hey look what I accomplished!" it is just a silent chore. Nobody thanks me, but I sure do hear it of we are out of forks. But with the chicken raising, or the gardening, somehow I feel like I did something of value. Why is that?

I got an extra egg today  and I cleaned the front porch, kitchen, bathroom, dishes, washed three loads of laundry, swept and mopped the floors.

Awesome day. Forkin' A


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