Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a point of view

This is the milking stand. It was built out of an old bench that was here when we bought the place. It has some added scrap lumber for stability. Today I found two ornate knobs to make it all fancy. Next, paint.

goat milking stand - washington - broken bowl
Here is my nanny goat deer eating while I milk her. Don't worry, she is not choking. The rope is not tight, but will get tight if she tries to jump off.

crunch, crunch...

milking my goat
oprah plays while I milk
More views today...
one angry bird (she has babies)

pekin duck

three runner ducks

food frenzy

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tahoe's baby bunnies

deer off the milk stand, on the rock stand

summer squash
sunset flowers
sylvia and clover
the wish bone
the room upstairs
Poor Sling, he has to be closed up when everybody eats because he doesn't share very well. He hogs it all. ;-)



  1. Oprah is the cutest goat I've ever seen!

  2. Great post Crow...

    That last shot of Sling staring out of the window has a surreal look about it. Reminded me of some of Michael Sowa's paintings...

  3. Hi Sylvanna! She sure is. You should see her in action. She climbs on anything. Including Sling the pig. :-)

    Thanks you Chris. You just gave me a new painting!


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