Wednesday, June 22, 2011

part two: anon

This is a continuation from yesterday's post: anonymous.

After we left my neighbor's mega-garden, he asked if we wanted to go see his cabin. Another jubilant, "YES!" came from me. Again, Rusty had been up there, but me, never.

Everything I saw, my neighbor carved out with his hands, a few tools and sheer hard work. Real hard work.

There was a road sometimes carved through rock. (We live in a very rocky terrain.) He talked about breaking up rock with a hammer. I saw the hammer. I saw the busted up rock.

He milled his own wood from his own property. Beams, boards, siding... everything. Built it, maintained it. It was quite impressive.

I wondered where he would go off to...

the cabin


ancestor seating

hot seat

a whole wall of antlers from hunting, or forest finds

boys club decor - acorn tip antler - rare

the hunter allows a dove to nest on the porch

his cool old truck

out building, built by hand
childhood stove (in storage)

thank you neighbor



  1. Fascinating to see inside someone else's home. I a bit nosey like that.

  2. Or even 'I'm' a bit nosey like that.

    Fikungg kaybirdd...


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