Tuesday, June 21, 2011


First, Happy Summer Solstice. Did you know that the sun let out a big eruption of a solar flare today? The longest day of the year has come in with a major hot flash!

I tell you what, I was going to blog a little about goats today, but I got an unexpected surprise.

I talk about my old farmer neighbor friend often here. He usually comes over here when he sees Rusty. They talk about dogs, farming, hunting and gardens. I eaves drop, because I love the stories. I absorb what I can. Once in awhile get a word in or a question.

Lately though, we have seen more of him. I am glad. He lost his wife to cancer not too long ago and I was worried he might give up and follow her. But he hasn't. He hunted this fall and has kept a garden which is way in the back on his property. I never have had opportunity to go up there. Rusty has, because he is a guy. I don't feel upset about that. My neighbor is an old fashion, old man from a different era, when the men-folk talk about men-folk talk. The women gather and talk women-folk talk, (and cook, clean and tend to the children.)

I think somehow when I gave him the plants there was a turning point. He has seen me out in the garden working. I talk about my experiences, and how I see things. I saw him smile when I was talking about how much I love Earl, my pet donkey. I have chipped away at something. He sees me now. He still would never come over to chat unless Rusty was here.

But this evening while I was out pulling weeds, I heard his truck pull up. Rusty wasn't home yet, but my neighbor had told me on Sunday that he would give me all of his romaine lettuce for my ducks, goat pig, (heck even Earl loves romaine leaves.) So he pulls in and I walk up yo his truck. He asks me where I want the lettuce, and I tell him right there by the truck. Well he is pulling out these mega-lettuce heads. He grew these from the little weed-like plants I gave him, not that long ago. I was so delighted. I couldn't believe how big they were! As I am praising his lettuce yield, Rusty pulls up.

So my neighbor, says you want to come see my garden? I say, YES! I go inside grab my cameras and then we all piled in his truck and drove up.

I gasped when I first saw it.

It was huge. HUGE. The hugeness included how big the plants were, not just the actual garden plot. The plants I gave him. Giant. They make mine look like sickly weeds. Now, he told me I can't give away his gardening secrets. So I am keeping him anonymous and I wont share his secrets. After all, I was invited to the men's club. I don't want to blow it.. Here are some photos I snapped off.

monster cabbage, from my seedlings



broccoli and my foot - look how large the broccoli is! My seedling as well.

The unknown neighbor cuts me two grocery bags of full broccoli.

I have more photos of a cabin he built. I will share some views from there in my next blog.
Time to sleep! I am pooped. I will this edit tomorrow. Maybe.


  1. Crow, I gasped when I first saw it too!

    Thanks for the pics. They show us how it should be done. Love the neat rows and how tidy everything looks - just so, well, neat and tidy...

  2. That is an amazing garden. It's so organized and tended well. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. My god...the mountains! I miss them. And wow to the garden! I was just back in WV for a visit and my family's corn/tomatoes were just sprouts. Must be a good secret. ;)

  4. Amazing!! I truly believe gardening is an art! Thank you for sharing this:-)


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