Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am so darn proud of myself today.

I single-handedly moved the chicken run and got everybody settled in on a fresh run of grass and there's fresh bedding in the shelter. If you have ever worked with chicken wire you know it is like wrestling with briars. This run is for my younger chickens. The first hatch are already loving life, free roaming. Free Bird-s! They have chosen to not use the coop, and instead use the small barn at night. They are a happy little young flock.

My dogs are pretty much oblivious to the free roamers, but they are not oblivious to any animal or person who steps foot on the property. Right now I have Odin, the foxhound, and Bella the beagle free roaming. They pretty much secure the perimeter. They can smell something, before they can see it. Therefor, any foxes, racoons, coyotes, racoons, weasels, or other would-be predators are scared away. Odin has marked anything and everything vertical on our property. A strange dog gets the same treatment as a wild intruder. Bella is the alarm, and Odin is the deterrent.

I now have a day pen for my ducklings. I think they are about 3 weeks old. They got a full day out in the sun and a dip in the pool. Clean duckies. Ducks are not in the least like raising chickens. They take more time and maintenance, but are so worth it! The names we have so far is Cloud, (Sophia's duckling) Storm, Sunshine and Pinky. There are two pekins that I keep getting confused with each other, so I will have to wait on them to show some personality. Brittany has now "called" the duckling with the bib and will be naming it.

Also today, I seeded cucumbers and more romaine. My other plants are lined up on my patio tables with an old barn door connecting them. I am always busy seeding, repotting and planting. The garden has sprung to life. My three rows of bush beans are way up!

Tomorrow Rusty is home. YES! We will till more space for the corn, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, squash pole beans and the sunflowers. Oh and the rubarb patch too. Yikes.

My knees are hurting and they better heal quick. I have no time for ailments. Too much to do!

I will leave you now with a view of Rapture Day from a duckling's point of view.

pekin and indian runner ducklings

pekin and indian runner ducklings

Tomorrow is picture day!


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