Tuesday, April 19, 2011

old song, new life

 Old macdonald had a farm ee-i-ee-i-oh and on her farm she

had a chick (easter chick)
with a chick chick here
a chick chick there (in wild violets)
here a chick (tertra tint)

there a chick (araucanas)

everywhere a chick (second batch asst. reds blacks)

old macdonald had a farm (obama)

ee-i-ee-i-oh (meany pants crowing)

Feel free to continue the song... It is about time I have updated photos of our farm family. Everybody is growing and are happy it is Spring. Including me.

big beautiful mean rhode island red rooster free roams

penny w missing feathers from meany pants piggy-back riding her
tetra always in the lead when I call

president day chicks are in the dog house

a comfortable temporary home until they get big enough to roam and be in the coop.

everybody files out

they take a drink

it's drink time... run!

always hungry

feeling good


we are in our awkward stage

bella the beagle tolerates chickens

tetra's extreme close-up- she loves the camera

obama and oh-brahma

look at my hairy legs

meanwhile, tahoe's kits all snuggled in

so sweet

four days old now

yin yang

deer kiss

old friends

sling blade the pig, getting big

bella smells the air

stay tuned for more!

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