Saturday, September 8, 2012

survival of the fittest?

While I have been missing here, I was lost in surviving. Some pleasurable events, and some not so much.

Good news, I survived the surviving.

I have a new tablet that I am going to try to blog with.  It is voice activated and I'm hoping I will have less spelling errors and more words that will make a little sense. I hope that I'm able to just talk instead of type because that way I can feel like I'm chatting with you.

My new tablet has all sorts of devices. I can now vlog (video blog) and take photos as well. Then blend it all here in my ADHD glory.

What does this mean for me, or us, is that I can be surrounded by goats and geese and still be able to share my insights. Which could have one of three outcomes.

Award winning writing.

Worst blog ever.

Broken new tablet.


  1. I am still here, Crow, so blog on. Looking forward to new posts. Me having a southern accent, those voice activated devices never work for me. Lots of Luck.

  2. My Android still has difficulty hearing me correctly! Good luck, Crow...:)JP

  3. About time you started this blog back up again. Love ya. xx Nicky


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