Thursday, January 12, 2012

click your heels together three times...

Well, how do I do a follow up to that last post by Rusty? There is no way. I suppose I will take a leap right in and just start talking.

I leave out as much personal information as possible here to protect those who are close in my life. I figure just because I want to plaster a good majority of my life on line, does not mean others appreciate the exposure. When my youngest daughter started asking, "You are not putting this all on your blog are you?" as I took a picture of her in action. I got it. Kids are so perfect at getting to the point. No, I won't talk about the people who live here in any great detail. It is their life, and I will share parts of it and only with permission.

So, Rusty has been a character here, one of the starring cast of my tales of my very regular, but sacred life here. I am glad you got to meet him, and hear his voice. He is a fabulous writer, and a big fan of me. Plain old me.

Sometimes when he describes me, I wonder if that is really me. I mean I am a humble woman, I do what I think is right, and like most people, I don't see my light until it is reflected back at me. Sometime it is a tree that shines it back to me, and sometimes it is a guest star on my blog.

I ask Rusty often, "What do you mean when you say that I am able to hand people back their dreams?" He quickly gives me examples.

Here is one example he gave me recently:

I had a American Rabbit Breeder Association Registrar come to my house. Usually you have to go to shows to register your herd. But I tracked this man down. Luckily, he comes to this area to visit his Mother, and boom, next thing I know he traveled to my farm and helped me learn how to tattoo my rabbits and registered my first litters. 

He had been in the rabbit business for 25 years and has a great passion for them. He showed me how to calm a rabbit and he handled each one of my rabbits with care and love. He talked about how "someday" he would have his own herd again. He talked about the love of a certain breed, the American Tan rabbit. It was so obvious that this was a true passion for him. I suppose once you know your own passion in life, you can see it in others. It wasn't hard to see this man needed to find his way back.

After hearing about how him and his wife run a home for Foster youth, and how he just had no place to house rabbits. After hearing him talking about someday, someday, getting back into the rabbits. I simply offered him space in my barn to keep some of his beloved tans. I mean what is a couple more rabbits? I could care for them and he could show/breed when he had time. It was a simple offer. Something I think anybody might do.

He looked at me and seemed to be in thought. I reflected his light back to him. It was his passion, and by me offering some space, it seems I gave him permission to follow it.(He told me so later.)

After a week or two he wrote me and said that he had got in touch with an old acquaintance and breeder of American Tans. This particular breeder wrote the most known and well used book in the rabbit world. He had the most spectacular herd of these fancy rabbits. It just so happened that this breeder/author was getting up there in age, and had recently decided he needed to retire. He offered the Registrar his rabbits and all the equipment with them. He wanted his lines to go into the right hands. So instead of a couple of rabbits, we were looking at 25 to 30 rabbits. I wondered how we could do this, and we talked about logistics.

Shortly after that, he wrote me and told me that he had brought the rabbit idea to the program at the youth home. They had a barn, they had everything there, cement floors, water, electricity. They gave him permission to move the herd there. He is now starting a youth rabbit program.

I worked in an Emergency shelter for girls, and worked for the state as a family support worker for kids in foster care. I know how lost these kids are. I know my own history. I also know the amazing healing power of working with animals. I was so excited that the kids would now be able to focus on the care, and eventually showing of rabbits. Animals have many lessons to teach us all, young and old, but for the lost, hurt and abused, they mean so much more. Just Imagine.

As an offering in thanks, the registrar offered me two pairs of top quality American tans. He told me I was the one who inspired him to go for it, and wanted to set me up with some champion rabbits. I was thrilled to receive the rabbits, but even more excited for him, and the youth in the home.

That was just one example Rusty gave me. But really, I can see most people doing the same. I was just at the right place at the right time. It was the Universe/God/The Law of Attraction at work. All you do is have to believe, and as soon as you do, it manifests itself. You Work your Will.

Ok, Rusty, I admit; I am a Believer.

In my muddy boots with chicken shit on my jacket, with a cold coming on and blowing snot out of my nose, with an aching back, and with a messy house... I keep believing. I wear the ruby slippers as much as possible.

Now, back to some farm updates... I owe you a TON of catch-up. Sorry for the great lapse. The holidays should be banned in all countries. You should celebrate all year, and not in one power packed frenzy in the Winter. 



  1. Rabbits with tattoos? Now I've heard everything. Bunny loves Bumpy?

  2. I had a rabbits foot given to me once for luck (not so lucky for the rabbit).

    On its knuckles there was tattooed the word 'Muvver'.

    Ok. Not really.

    Not everybody out there puts themselves out like that Crow. It's what makes you so special.x


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