Thursday, May 26, 2011

love letter

Dearest Oprah,

I was tearful watching your last show. You have been like a close friend, co-woman, and courageous guide.

You saw me through many phases in my life. It seemed when I tuned in to your show, it was scripted for my life. The show validated my own goodwill, grace and love that I share with anyone I meet. People respond. Not that I expect anything in return, but I always notice ::the return::

Here is an excerpt from my blog:

o doe

I just decided now what to name the new doeling born yesterday. Her name will be Oprah.

As I sit here and view her last show, I remember how Oprah has touched my life, just one of millions. She, like myself, is a believer in the goodness and grace in people. She, like myself, believes in the power of love. She, like myself, was sexually abused as a young girl. But it never stopped O or Me, in being a messenger of hope.

So meet Oprah. Our new doeling.



Everybody has a life story. As I probably have a novel. Abused sexually as a child by my Father, married into an abusive marriage, which gave birth to an artist and child advocate and more, and now I have moved to a farmhouse in the mountains, growing, loving, writing... and spiritual, in a way that only a weathered history can bring. All of it, I am thankful for, as it brought me to here. That is some of what I shared with you, through your show. I am filled with gratitude that you shared part of your life story with me.

It sounds silly, but-- I named my new baby goat after you, so your spirit will be here on my little farm in the WV mountains. She was born the day you taped your last show. She will be loved greatly. I have attached a photo. She is so cute. It might sound a bit weird to hear a goat carries your name. But it made perfect sense to me.

You have given birth to a new life.

Love and Light,


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