Saturday, November 26, 2011

crow and company

We had plenty of visiting going on here at the farm. Brittany and Jonathan came out for dinner on Wednesday,  then my Mom and Step-dad on Thursday and Friday. On Monday and Tuesday, Rusty's sister and family stayed here. Thursday, Brittany and Jonathan were back for Thanksgiving, and yesterday, Friday we went to Rusty's Dad's house to meet up with more family. Then to the airport for some flying.

Quite a bit of socialization for a monk farmer woman.

In the middle of all that, new rabbits were born to two mothers, as well as a fresh batch of hatch-lings. Meanwhile, all the normal work involved to keep things running does not stop. The barnyard folks can't be put on the back-burner. They have daily needs and with them, always come a few surprises. Like a breach of fence security and it rained of course. So it was mucky. Mucky and geese and dogs getting loose, me falling, filling pools, late night feeding, a puppy, cleaning, cooking, running here and there for supplies.

Oh and on Thanksgiving Rusty went out and was successful with his deer hunt and brought a huge eight point buck home. Who is hanging now and needs to be processed packed and put in the freezer.

Big breath.

I haven't forgot you all. I will catch up on some past posts and get back in the groove here. I have missed you. Here are some great photos by my sis-in-law, Beth and my daughter Sophia took. She had a borrowed crazy zoom lens on her camera. So here is a little close-up of part of my week:

Alejandro and Lady Gaga growing and rooting


my little nephew holding a black English Angora baby rabbit

my Earl

molt and a roo

my nephew helped with farm chores

moving the geese back... again

adlelei, house bunny

an apple-lier

meet Bear, rescue dog

Blue Clay, TN fainter goat would not faint on demand

Blueberry my dog, came over with Brittany

Another of Beth's awesome photos

I love the help

boys and more boys

Blue Topaz five little English Angora kits

black English Angora baby rabbit


I taught my nephew how to milk a goat

he is a natural

mixed breed roo

more awesome photography


"major medical boi" (Aflac commercial)

Moon angry at the paparazzi

the essence of Sophia

Kevin, my Bro-in-law, 2 nephews (one is a little one) and Grandpa pilot

Rusty and the cousins

drama queen ;-)


Beth finds the beauty at the airport

I love my Bro-in-law



three rides
Sophia's view 1

Sophia's view 2

Sophia's view 3

Sophia's view 4

Sophia's view 5

Sophia's view 7
my view

my view 2
another safe and beautiful landing
thanks Beth

Beth, is a master cook, a super-mom, an awesome photographer, glamorous woman, and a great sister-in-law. Thanks for sharing the week with us kin folk here in W&W WV..


  1. a delightful post
    I particulary love Blueberry

  2. :-) Looks like you have so well-deserved fun. Can't wait to hear more about Bear!
    xo Linda

  3. Wow, Sophia got some great shots! And thanks for the flattery ;) Super big thanks for having was a great trip!

  4. Enjoying the blog. Love the pictures. Thanks! Miss ya'll but so happy for you! gabe

  5. My goodness, that was some trip. Great pix.

  6. Wow, thanks Crow for all those fab pics. Really got a sense of your week.

    So glad you had a good visit, but bet your glad to be back to 'farmer woman'!

    Nice to have a change in pace and a good laugh though. Missed your posts so keep 'em coming.

  7. Oh, I just loved all the photos! My nephew got a trophy deer on Thanksgiving and is going to share some of the meat with us! I am so excited to get some and make some wonderful meals. My husband used to deer hunt all the time, but as he has aged he has lost interest in climbing a tree with a deer stand and waiting in the weather. :-(

  8. John, I love Blueberry too. She was my dog until my oldest claimed her, then moved into her own apartment. She is half beagle half cocker-spaniel. The blue eye is a mystery. There was roan in the cocker.
    Linda, that's for thinking of me. Yes a Bear, Izzy Juno story is developed in my head. Just need to get some photos of all three. :-)
    Merlot, Sophia has the creative beat in her inner drum for sure. All you geniuses do.
    PlanB. Miss you too. You have a blog! Awesome!
    Cro, yes it was awesome. I am glad you took the trip with us.
    Chris, Ditto, I am always excited to see what is growing fishing and eating over at your place.
    Kat, Well your nephew should be really proud to share the nourishment. Around here it is very like a boy's passage to manhood. Rusty doesn't sit in tree stands. He normally is on foot with a bow. But gun and buck season in here, and darn if he didn't get one! It was so beautiful. I studied the buck for the longest time.

  9. Awesome pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time this week especially your nephew. How cool to get to ride in a private plane!

  10. Im normally on foot with a bow, not because Im that good, but because I cant sit still :-)
    Anyway, that buck gave himself to me. I am thankful and the freezer is filling up slowly.

  11. Angela, that is exactly what Beth said, it was his vacation this time out. He had an absolute blast. I had just as much fun watching him.
    Rusty! Hmm, you have no problem sitting still on the couch! jk.

  12. Bear, Izzy, Juno......who won!!!
    Nicky x

  13. Well Nicky, Bear looks like a polar bear, so he was easy to name. Isabella, (Izzy) she came with a name and Juno was my name for the pup. The Goddess Juno, mixed in with the name for a town in Alaska, since right now she looks like a baby seal with an Afro. They are such great dogs. Juno likes to bite toes though. ;-) Miss you Miss Nicky

  14. You had a busy, fun-filled week, with all of the chores and the man-help, and flying.....
    I loved the picture of Blueberry, was an awesome mix of colors in his eyes and coat.
    Looks like you have a wonderful family, I'm glad your Thanksgiving turned out to be so much fun.


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