Wednesday, May 11, 2011

old and new

Slowly, I will be bringing bits and pieces from my old blog, to here, my new blog. I am closing the other blog, but wanted to share some of what I wrote, here, with you. Enjoy, ~crow

at 10
you called me,
mama still--
my sweet son
red with freckles
hearing your feats
almost a man
you want it so
a young buck
learning from you dad
oh what I would do
having you under my roof
safe, young, protected
don't grow away from me
stay, with me little, twinkling
brown eye boy,
like your mama's
my little buddy
at 4
you said you wanted to marry me
at 6
you would live with me forever
at 10
live next door with your wife
at 15
you will visit me this summer
plans of  four wheeling,
dogs, swimming holes and caves
I will watch you,
just being a boy again
you and I
will awaken us again
recalling your mother
recalling my son
and we shall paint
together, you and I
we will be,
as we should
at 11
I miss you


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